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Kid’s cut (under 10 years)

For kids 10 years and under. Hair is cut dry. Kids like us. Add $6 for wash & style.

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How long does my hair have to be?

The hair should be at least 3-4 inches from the nape of the neck.

How long do they last?

The strands will last 4-6 months—it just depends on the length of your natural hair, how fast it grows and how well they are taken care of.

Do they damage hair?

When taken care of properly, the extensions will not cause any damage to your hair. The heat used to apply the strands isn’t even as hot as a flat iron.

How much do they cost?

It is such a tailor made service—lengths, strand size and the amount of strands put in—that it is not possible to quote without seeing you in person. Consultations take about 15 minutes and are free of charge.

How do I take care of them?

We will go over all of your care instructions. It’s easy breezy. There is one product that is a must: Anti-tap—it is a PH balancer, it keeps the bonds moist so they don’t crack. At night, it is advised to sleep with your hair loosely braided or in a soft scrunchy to avoid tangling. Blowdrying them is recommended but not necessary. excessive water isn’t great on the bonds. Heat sources should be avoided on the bonds: flat irons, hot rollers, curling iron, blow-dryers, steamy hot showers/tubs etc. are all doable—but just be cautious as the bonds can be loosened with heat.

Can I try them out first?

Absolutely, in fact we suggest it! Come in for a brief appointment and we can put one or two strands in for a small fee so you can see exactly what it’s all about! A minimal fee is charged, and we have a lot of hair on hand including punky colors—so hopefully we have something that can work for you!

Does New Age Salon have hair on hand?

Yes, we do—but keep in mind there are so many different lengths, colors, textures and bond sizes that almost alway we do special order the hair. You may get lucky but it can come in as soon as the very next day.

How long does the application take?

It takes anywhere from a half hour for a highlight to 3-4 hours for a full set.

Is the technician experienced?

Amanda, the head stylist and extension technician at NAS, has been doing hair for a decade and working with fusion extensions since 2006. Amanda is certified with Great Lengths as well as Hair Dreams. She is the hair extension guru of your dreams!

How are they removed?

When your set is ready to come out, you can come in with any stylist in the salon for about an hour and a half for a deep conditioning treatment, gentle removal with tweezers and a shampoo and blowout. The fee for this service is fifty dollars.

Will I lose any strands?

It is completely normal to lose a strand here or there, but you can usually tell if one is ready to come out when you are drying your hair. They don’t generally fall out while riding your bicycle, grocery shopping or at a romantic dinner. The hair extensions shed just like your natural hair.

How do I make the appointment?

At the consultation, the technician will select length, colors, textures and go over the entire costs of service. If you decide to go ahead and book an appointment, we take a (non-refundable) fifty percent deposit to order the hair and reserve the time slot. If you need to think about it, we keep your card on file so you can call and book when you are ready to do so.

Where are they applied? (are they on the scalp)?

The bonds are generally placed away from all hair lines so you can still pull your hair back without seeing them. Generally they are done in rows near the neckline for length and some above the ear area. They can also be used in a highlighting placement. They are applied 1/2 inch to 3/4 inch away from the scalp so that lay flat and do not pinch or pull your natural hair.

How long does it take to get an appointment?

We are generally very booked with appointments, and for this reason Amanda puts an entire day aside nearly every week to accommodate our extension clients. On average it is about a one week wait, but sometimes can take a little longer. We can usually squeeze you in for a consultation within a couple of days.

What are the bonds?

The bonds are a keratin polymer protein which is a fancy way of saying its a type of bonding agent similar to the makeup of your own hair. They are about the size of a kernel of rice, depending on the density and type of strands we costumize for you.

Should I tell my boyfriend how much I am paying for this service?

Most of our clients don’t whole heartedly disclose the entire cost, as men don’t generally appreciate what we would pay for not only premium extensions, but a whole new look and feel about ourselves. But we are not in your relationship, so that is your own judgement call.

Can I color my hair?

We can do it for you! We recommend that our clients only come to us for their coloring service as we know how to custom color to work best with the extensions. We don’t usually recommend coloring the extensions as they are treated differently than your hair before they are applied, but they come in every color imaginable so you don’t really need to! The bonds are the same color as the hair, so for example if you want to go dark when you have blond ones in—the bonds with still be blond— you are better off doing a new set!

What do I do to prepare my hair for the appointment?

You can arrive with your hair shampooed with clarifying shampoo 3-4 times, with no conditioner or product. The extensions are applied straight so if you have wavy hair, you can straighten it or we can straighten it for you. Let us know if you need a sample of clarifying shampoo, we’d be happy to give some to you.

Can I book my appointment online?

You can book your consultation online, but because we require a fifty percent deposit for the extension appointment, you must come in to book your appointment. We cannot take your credit card over the phone.

If you have any further questions, please don’t hesitate to call! 716-836-8626 or click here to book your consultation.